At GHOST Vapes, we believe quality is a virtue which is evident in everything we do.

Our company was founded in 2015 by three lifelong friends with 90+ years combined experience in manufacturing, marketing, technology, e-commerce, IP and a proven ability to succeed in business.

We were soon joined by a unique team of like-minded individuals with one simple objective – to build the best portable vaporizer in the world. We started out by reverse engineering the top-selling products in the market, interviewing countless retailers and consumers so we could develop a complete insight into pre-existing technologies and the aspirations of our users.

We focused on what people were unhappy about and then eliminated these design faults from our vaporizer using our own advanced engineering techniques. This, in turn, led to the development of an entirely new and ground-breaking technology:


On-demand, true convection vaporization for dry herbs and concentrates, built to medical device standards using only the highest quality materials. With the GHOST MV1 vaporizer, you get massive power with industry-leading performance, ready in seconds with no temperature drop during use. Plus, no stirring, no charring, a completely unique ‘App’ functionality and a host of additional new features.

The best technology, best design and best performance are hallmarks of our company and the MV1 portable vaporizer.

Welcome to the new benchmark in vaporizer design and technology!

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